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an internal submerged type and bone level implant product. This two-piece implant is optimized for narrow interdentium cases; mandibular anterior teeth. S.L.A. surface of IS-III Active S-Narrow minimizes osseointegration period and its smooth body design maximizes initial stability for prosthetic loading, or AnyTime Loading.


The new S.L.A Surface with 40% greater sur-face area and 50% more cell adhesion promotes osseointegration

Straight Body

Easy to adjust implantation depth

Deep & Wide Pitch

Optimum Pitch for osseointegration (0.9 Pitch)

Wide Cutting Edge

Wide cutting edge and enlarged surface area enhances initial fixation and offers clinicians more stable implant placement

Surgical Kit

S-Narrow Kit

The top, middle, bottom tray and components of the S-narrow Kit is sold separately

Surgical Kit

Master Kit

Tools from S-narrow Kit can be mounted on spare parts of the Neo Master Kit (Sold separately)

NeoBiotech Satisfaction to Dentists No.1 Corporation

Innovative Dental Technology & Clinical Field (2019)
Selected by Korean Dentists