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IS-III Active

IS-III Active Implant is structured to maximize initial stability and facilitate faster osseointegration with its scientifically proven S.L.A. Surface and Fixture Body Design. 

IS-III Active Features


Minimize bone loss. Microgroove design at the upper platform of the fixture enhances soft tissue sealing, thus prevents bone loss.


Thicker connection through Increased platform thickness. Maintains connection thickness over 3mm. Increased strength of connection.

0.9mm PITCH

Reduced Bone Compression. Optimal for Osseointegration.


Wider cutting edge and enlarged surface area enhances initial fixation and offers clinicians more stable implant placement. 

Neo Surgical Kit

Master Kit​

Neo Master kit can be used to perform implant surgery for various implant types (IS-II active / IS-III active / IS-III active S-narrow / IT-III active)

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Innovative Dental Technology & Clinical Field (2019)
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